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We were established in 2002 as a company providing IT consulting and application development services. We have executed various projects for both large and small companies in the Czech Republic. Then something happened. A new programmer joined us - our first CTO - Jirka Maule, who was in a wheelchair. And it occurred to us that it would be wonderful to connect business with supporting people with disabilities.

Our parent company, M2C, has been operating in the market for over 30 years. We offer customers from various industries integrated facility management services. We employ innovative solutions and utilize new technologies in all segments of the services we provide.

How did it go?


We have successfully completed over 200 IT projects for major companies in the Czech Republic. Our unique approach of involving individuals with disabilities in "real business" has earned us numerous awards. Furthermore, we have expanded our services beyond the world of zeroes and ones. Thanks to our team members with disabilities and their experiences, we have aligned our priorities effectively. We understand what truly matters and can devise projects for clients that make a meaningful impact.


The lighthouse symbolizes hope, safety, and threat. We are aware of the importance of these values and their fragility. Yet, we continue to believe that everything in life has meaning, and our satisfied clients are proof that despite the adversities we may face, we can deliver excellent work that shines brightly.

„Why “Good Sailors? Indeed, you are like skilled sailors. Rather than battling against what nature puts in your path, you use it to your advantage. Just like adept seafarers, you strive to reach your destination under any circumstances. You embrace challenges as opportunities and navigate through them with determination and resilience. Your adaptability and resourcefulness enable you to make the most out of every situation, ensuring success regardless of the conditions.“

Filip Molčan

Satisfaction for all

Did you know that companies with more than 25 employees are required by law to accommodate disabled workers? They can then draw compensation for human access. By partnering with us, you'll support the work of the disabled, get great service, and save money to boot! Your karma, the state and us will be happy!


We're just good sailors

  • We actively communicate our mission of meaningful work for people with disabilities
  • We generate profits that we predominantly utilize for further development and investments
  • We invest in brainstorming and developing projects with a global impact
  • We have a positive relationship with nature
  • We conduct business with the aim of long-term social sustainability

and we think you have to do the work with your heart!

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